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Friday, May 23, 2008

Importat Things

Thursday, May 01, 2008

New Doorways...

Yes, I have installed my new front door to my home. It is a gorgeous door with a beautiful leaded glass window.

This post was written on April 30th -- even though the date above shows the 1st of May. Today, I am celebrating my 52nd birthday. WOW! I have been blessed with so very many wonderful things -- and I thank the Lord for each and every one of those blessings. The most important of those blessings is my good health, my friend D and that I have both my mom and dad still alive and well!

This has been a month of important things:

It may be most of us write our own life story
Making it up as we go along
But others seem to have lifes’ shaped and planned
As perfect as a circle

Yes, some lives form a perfect circle
While others take shape in ways we cannot predict or always understand
Loss has been of my journey
but, it has also shown me what is precious
And in that I have found a love for which I can always be grateful….

The last month has been a month of good-byes
Yes, good-bye..... such an incredibly sad and regretful event in one’s experience …..

I have said Good-Bye to my last love – Di
One whom showed me what true love is really all about and what I must have in future relationships now.
One whom I married and cherished
One whom I was to spend all my days with…..but
Yes, alas “all my days” was really only to be 9 ½ years
One who will always have a place in my heart
However, my purpose in reality, was to take her through her last days only, not mine
That was my real purpose ….. that was my life …..
And yes, I did that well and to the absolute best of my ability!

Friends are made of Gold, but

I have had to say Good-Bye to my Friend – S
One who will always have a special place in my heart
For it was she, who put life and things into perspective after Di’s passing at six months

It was her that provided love and friendship at a time when they were so needed
Unfortunately, I have now become cumbersome and something that complicates her life
And thus, I have been let go of - at this point in time
But yes, I am still grateful and thankful for all she has been to me
Friends are made of Gold and Yes, I will hold her as my friend forever…..

Also, I have a good friend -A - who lost her mom this past month.

I did not know her mom, but I feel so very much for her with her loss
I thank the Lord every day that I still have both of my parents alive and in good health.
I can only hope that they know how very much they are appreciated and loved!

New Doorways ----
Yes, the future is bright and blessed! Thank You Lord!!!