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Monday, December 10, 2007

An Early Christmas Present

Friday I left home for the lands of Alabama and Tennessee -- or more specifically Huntsville, AL and Colombia, TN. I was going to visit friends....
Bill, Lin, Kathy, & Mary in Huntsville who I have not seen or talked to in 31 years --YES, 31 YEARS! The years have been good to B & L as they looked just like they were when I saw them last -- except for just a tad bit of gray hair. K & M (the daughters) last I saw were very small and are now all grown up. What fun it was to re-connect and catch-up with what has happened over the years, after all they have raised a family since I saw them last! B & L are also in the midst of a remodel of their house, so it was fun to talk about all that was going on with their remodel vs. what is happening with my remodel. Such stories....
Then on Sunday I drove up to Colombia to see friends I have worked with in the past, but have not seen for 8 years. Again such fun to catch-up with and share what's been happening with each of our lives. Judy & Wallace had just come back from Chile and Argentina -- so lots of pictures and some short movies of the cool things they saw there. We compared notes on our trips -- theirs to Chile & Argentina and mine last year to New Zealand. J & W also have a gorgeous new home that was wonderful to see.

What a wonderful early Christmas present!