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Sunday, October 28, 2007

Shades Of......

I am just plainly depressed from the events of the last week – primarily the Santa Ana’s (winds) and the fires. Very little has been positive and while I am normally very positive about life itself, this past week has just been “one of those weeks” where I just can’t seem to shake things to the other side. Also, unfortunately the good things that did happen have now been overshadowed by all of the other things that have happened. [Some very good things happened, and I really need to bring them back to the forefront of my mind.] I need an attitude adjustment! Hopefully, the coming week will change my attitude.

Of course, California has been in all the news this past week with all the fires going on. I had no less than 5 fires close to me. The smoke, ash and cinders were all around throughout the week. The fires, smoke and ash sure brought back memories of the Old Fire which I lived through four years ago beginning coincidentally October 25th, 2003. I remember being ready to evacuate – dogs in one car and the cats in the other, losing power around 2 in the afternoon, saving my house [and the neighbors’] by putting out a fire in the back yard with the hose, staying up on the roof and hosing the house down every hour until just before midnight, and taking a walk throughout the neighborhood at midnight and just seeing how many houses were either gone or on fire. I remember the succeeding days without power as slowly life was restored. I remember neighbors helping each other. These were days and events I really do not want to relive. My heart has been with those who were going through what I did four years ago as I watched the images on the news. My gratitude has been to those who have worked so hard for those affected.

Not a lot has happened on the projects this past week due to the fires and the terrible air quality. I did not want to open up the house to work on my bedroom/bathroom, so I worked on other things inside. This week I am hoping the tides will change and I will accomplish a good bit on my bedroom/bathroom. Also, this coming week – a new front door! I’ll post pictures after it’s installed!

Today, has been a day of music and reflection. I have found this wonderful artist called DAVOL. Their/His music is inspiring and really easy to listen to. Again, I have been reflecting -- what’s really important and what is not for me. I can only hope that I have my priorities correct and those that matter can see…..


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