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Friday, October 05, 2007

Let's Celebrate! and Projects, Projects....

Let us Celebrate!

Today the original KnittyRef would have been 47. I have asked many and I ask you to today -- take a moment and CELEBRATE something you hold dear in your heart from Diane or something about Diane. She touched each and everyone she met in a very special way – I so cherish all she taught me and showed me about life and relationships. So today is a wonderful day of Celebration!

Projects & Projects:
My life is full of projects around the house. The knitting and spinning will have to wait until I get my house back in order! Shouldn’t be too long though! My bedroom and bathroom are being completely redone. Right now they are down to the wall studs and ceiling joists. The new electrical is complete and I am ready to drywall. From there – there will be a new shower with cultured marble and glass block, new windows in both the bedroom and bathroom, and a new updated closet. In addition to the bedroom, I am in the process of building a new fence around the back yard and I have to put a new roof on the house this fall – so that will be coming! Of course, the new roof will mean the addition of a couple of skylights – a welcome addition to a dark kitchen and hallway! And I should paint the outside of the house, but I don’t know if there will be time before the holidays.


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