the knitting ref

Friday, September 21, 2007

Six Months

For some unknown reason, I am only able to post to this blog on an “anniversary” date so far – I am sure that with time that will change...

Yesterday, the 20th, was the six month “anniversary” of the Knittyref’s passing. I was figuring that the day would be a day of tears and reflection and remembering. However, a friend sent me some very special thoughts about the Knittyref first thing and my day was completely transformed.. So instead of only tears (yes, there were some), reflection, and remembering – My day became one of some reflection and Celebration of the many things I am thankful for – especially over the last ten years that I was with the Knittyref.
So here’s the short list:

· 9 ½ years with the Knittyref as her partner
· I was asked to move to California by the Knittyref
· 2 wonderful step-kids – you know -- the Boy Child and the Girl Child
· Dogs and Cats
· The Knittyref’s passion for life
· The Knittyref’s passion for knitting and spinning
· Her and our love and passion together for “The Beautiful Game”
· Her creativity
· Her appreciation, adoration, and love for me
· Her appreciation and love of the outdoors
· Her attitude and strength through her cancer
· Caring for her 24/7 during her final months
· Being with her when she passed away
· The abundance of those that admired her so
· The caring, concern & love of those she worked with
· The caring, concern, compassion, & love of those who treated her
· The caring, concern, and love shown to me and the family
· My talents and abilities
· My personality
· My good health
· My love and passion for “The Beautiful Game”
· Good Music
· All of the friends and good people that have and continue to bless my life
· ………………………………………………..