the knitting ref

Monday, August 20, 2007

Time, Time, Time, Time

We wonder where Time goes……….

We’re given many gifts as we go through life.
Some we’re allowed to enjoy for a long time,
others only briefly.
But each gift has the power to change us,
enrich us,
to make us better people.

And ……

It is said it takes a minute to find a Special Person,
An hour to appreciate them,
A day to love them,
But an entire Lifetime to forget them.

Yes, I am the still the hubster and my life is still in such turmoil – filled with such ups and downs…. It is five months today since the true Knitty Ref’s passing and I so want to move on. Most have stopped calling…. and Life is still day by day. Diane taught me so much about life, happiness and what relationships really are to be! However, I am still so frustrated about my short time with her as being so short and my seeming inability to move on and have companionship. At this point I can definitely say that my purpose for the last ten years was to take Di thru her cancer. To make sure she was blessed with pure love and devotion and had whatever she needed – emotionally and physically. But, she is now gone and not coming back…….. I would so like to give the same to someone else. However, at this time, I await my instructions on what the next chapter of my life will be. Hopefully if will also be filled with angels!

Yes, I may have found a special friend, someone very special to help fill my life, a wonderful friend, but unfortunately, as with everything in life seemingly, things are always complicated…... Again, time will only tell……….

Spinning, Di was always at such peace when she was spinning. I will have the opportunity to really learn things about spinning when I go camping in October – back to LimeKiln – a place full of the ocean and the redwoods! There is nothing better than hearing the beating of the ocean and the solitude of the redwoods 24/7.

Peace to all, bless you!

Mark, the new Knitty Ref, also known as the “Hubster”