the knitting ref

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

The End of the Battle.....

It’s the hubster – with very sad news. Early this morning the Knitting Ref was finally overtaken in her 4 and a half year battle with ovarian cancer and has passed on to her next adventure in the journey of life. She is now at peace….

The One with whom I was to spend the rest of my life with - is gone and I am devastated. I have spent the day trying to just get thru the day! The experiences the Knitting Ref and I have had over the last 9 years I would not trade for anything. The experience of caring for your spouse who is terminally ill is also something I will cherish forever. Today, I have lost so much and gained so much – thanks to these experiences and all of you who have become my friend through the Knitting Ref.

I have posted below the lyrics to one of my favorite songs, Perhaps Love, by John Denver as they are so poignant and speak of how I will remember our love so well.

Perhaps Love

Perhaps love is like a resting place
A shelter from the storm
It exists to give you comfort
It is there to keep you warm
And in those times of trouble
When you are most alone
The memory of love will bring you home
Perhaps love is like a window
Perhaps an open door
It invites you to come closer
It wants to show you more
And even if you lose yourself
and don’t know what to do
The memory of love will see you thru
O love to some is like a cloud
To some as strong as steel
For some a way of living
For some a way to feel
And some say love is holding on
And some say letting go
And some say love is everything
Some say they don’t know
Perhaps love is like the ocean
Full of conflict full of pain
Like a fire when it’s cold outside
A thunder when it rains
If I should live forever
And all my dreams come true
My memories of love will be of you
YOU, through your communications and interactions with the Knitting Ref have become friends of the Kitting Ref. I would love to meet as many of you as I am able, as so many times she has shared things you have posted on your own sites or have made comments on this site. If any of you in the Inland Empire of California are interested, please e-mail me directly at and I will share info concerning the service we will be having for the Knitting Ref on April the 1st.

Bless You and Thank You for all your prayers, concern, caring, and love you have expressed for the Knitting Ref.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

It's All About Waiting....and Being Comfortable

Yes, it's the hubster. Thanks so much for all your prayers, comments, and thoughts.

It's all about waiting now--the knitting needles, the crochet hooks, the yarn stash, her unfinished projects, the swifter, the ball winder, and the spinning wheel....... they're all ready and waiting for the Knitting Ref.

However, the Knitting Ref spent last weekend at City of Hope National Hospital. At this point, there will be no more chemo treatments; just love and affection and hopefully peace. [It has been a four and a half year battle with her ovarian cancer.] We believe that miracles do happen, but without a miracle now, the Knitting Ref has come home to be comfortable with her family and friends as she gets ready for her next adventure in the journey of life -- of which, just may be the miracle.

More later.....

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Calling ALL Angels…

It’s the hubster again…. Yes, I know – A whole month since my last update…..and I fear the Knittyref will not post again by her own hand.

It’s just been ugly…… Today the Knittyref was admitted to City of Hope National Medical Center with a very dark prognosis. As most of you are aware, the Knittyref has been a survivor of ovarian cancer since September, 2002. Her fight has been stout, determined and courageous to say the least. However, it now seems that this very ugly disease is making the best of her.

Thus, it is time to call on all of the angels to ask for their blessings. It is time for the miracle……. I would ask that you please include the Knittyref in all your prayers and ask for that miracle.

Bless You and I promise more soon.

The Hubster