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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

An Honest to Goodness Post

What with the health issues temporarily resolved and the holidays out of the way, maybe I can get an actual post here.

As to health issues, the chemo I’ve been on has stopped working, so we are investigating options. On the other hand it’s a good thing we’re stopping a this chemo is giving my immuno system a beating. After sleeping 19 hours last Tuesday, we went in to discover my platelette count was only 19,000 (normal for chemo patients is 150,000). No wonder I was so tired. And cold. Very cold. One of the other side effects of this chemo (they all seem to have so many) is that it makes your extremities feel like they are in contact with dry ice for a number of days after infusion. That includes drinking liquids too. Too much fun.

So, to counteract that, I had this cheapo kit from Target for fingerless mitts that were, fortunately, a really quick knit. Downside is they are made from reeeeaaaallllyyy low quality acrylic and are already stetching and pilling badly. They won’t last long. But since my hands seems to be continually cold (yes, in Southern California), I’ll be making another, better quality pair with short fingers, something along the line of Knucks (without all the frou frou) .
I have another FO believe it or not. Plain vanilla sock made with Autermann Step Yarn. It has Aloe and Jojoba oils in it. I really liked the way they knit up and the way they feel on the foot even after a few washings. I’d definitely get some more of that yarn. Mac the official sock inspector likes them too.

What is not an FO is my 2-sided sweater. I think it’s because I have forbidden myself to start another sweater with yarn I got in NZ since it uses the same size needeles. And I really want to start that sweater. And I really was to finish this sweater. So, I’m just contrary enough not to work on either of them at all.

I did start a bit on this gorgeous laceweight yarn that I got in New Zealand. Don’t know why the picture came out so blurry. The colors are outstanding and the yarn feels good; I’m just not up to a fancy pattern. But it will come.

And, my last weakness for 2006, went I went on for beads for the Winter’s Eve socks (more on that below), I found this gorgeous Waterfall Beaded scarf kit (a decent finished picture of which I can't seem to locate anywhere on the web) which just magically arrived along with the beads for Winter’s Eve. The pattern is shockingly easy and the scarf will look even better after it’s blocked. Can’t wait.
I mentioned before that I got the last 2006 installment of 2006 STR Club. I have to say I wasn’t overly impressed with the majority of the selections that arrived, and a few I wouldn’t have picked at all. But the girls at STR hit a home run with these last 2. Since I didn’t have the beads for the Winter’s Eve socks (the pattern included in the pagkage), I decided to start on the Rare Gem yarn that I got. Honey, if this was a mistake, I want more mistakes like this. The colors are spectacular. In my haste I just started a plain vanilla sock, but it quickly became apparent that the color variations required something really special. So. shortly after that picture was taken, it was frogged. Because I think this yarn requires they become Here They Be Dragons socks. And so they shall.
Well, this has used just about all the energy I’ve got for the evening so I’ll end here for now.


At 3:49 PM, Anonymous Kelly said...

Looks like you got some great knits going on there. Love the beaded scarf! I hope things start going better for you health wise. Your in my thoughts!

At 12:05 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

That is some gorgeous sock yarn! I can't wait to see what you do with it.

Sorry to hear about the chemo issues. I hope that this means that your extremities won't be so cold anymore!

Take care!


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