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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Angels and things made right...

Angels and things made right….

Sorry, but it’s the hubster AGAIN! – and I’m going to get religious on you this time.

Here is an angel (fiberoptic with changing colors) that was given to the kittyref the end of last year. We initially thought it was on the corny side, but interestingly enough, it is one of those things that in the evening with some nice music we turn on more often than not.

Yesterday, I mentioned that the knittyref’s new protocol of chemotherapy was to start today. This morning was NOT a good morning for the knittyref and she really did not want to start today. We went to City of Hope anyway. However, when we saw her doctors (two wonderful doctors] they asked her if she would mind not starting until Monday due to some complications that another patient had had with this protocol. WHAT A RELIEF!

Her angels had stepped in….


At 7:38 AM, Anonymous Steve said...

Hey friend,

I am glad to know you have a blog.

Our staff at the school prays for you each morning.


At 8:46 PM, Blogger Ann said...

You are both in our prayers as well. Much love and tenderness.


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