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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Still upright and moving (more or less)

I keep thinking I'm going to do a proper post with pictures and everything, but I've been feeling less than great, and the day seems to be over before I 'm barely started. So, I'll do a quick catch-up post for now and do something better by the weekend. Christmas was a very low-key affair and the family had great fun. I spent most of the day sleeping. I have been knitting. Nothing special--the brain just can't quite handle much beyond simple knit and purls. Nonethelss, I've finished a pair of socks, started a second pair, and make a pair of fingerless mitts. The chemo I'm currently on makes my extremities extremely, extremely sensitive to cold. I can't even eat or drink anything cooler than lukewarm. Fortunately, that only lasts for about a week, but it's still a pain (literally). So therefore, for the gloves. I just grabbed a super simple pattern and they work o.k., but I am going to do something else a little fancier too. I still owe you pictures of the yarn we picked up in NZ, and I've got to show you the STR "bonus" yarn that came in the last shipment. I hadn't signed up for 2007 because I wasn't real thrilled with the colors that had come, but this one is making me a little sorry I didn't. Well, that's about it for now. Time for a nap. But I promise to talk to you real soon.

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Wow--Part I

This post has been almost more trouble than it’s worth. What with computer troubles, Blogger troubles (one reason why this post is actually in 2 parts), and, oh yeah, a slight infection of unknown origins that put me back in the hospital Wednesday through Sunday. Nothing of a truly life-threatening nature, but annoying enough. Anyway, I’m back home and feeling much better. But I want to continue on our NZ adventure. When last we left off, we were headed to Te Anau. Lovely town. But the best was yet to come.

And it was definitely all about the WOW factor. We left Te Anau early and headed up to the Milford Sound. I’ve done the best I can, but the pictures only tell half the story. The immense-ness of the countryside is rather mind-blowing.

I specifically include the picture of the boat on Milford Sound for perspective. Note that it’s a double decker boat, and it’s still dwarfed by the cliffs.

With all the snow still on the mountaintops, there are dozens and dozens of little waterfalls on the cliff walls. They’re so sparkly in the sun. I wish I could another 20 or 30 pictures in the post, it’s that gorgeous up there. We’re talking about a return trip here, and when we do, the Milford Sound is definitely on the list of must return to places.
{See the next entry for the rest of (at least this part of} the story.

Wow--Part II

Blankety-Blank-Blank Blooger is driving me crazy! Here's the rest of what I tried to get all in one first post:

Another wow was this Kea. They are the only non-tropical parrots that exist. We had been told they are extremely curious creatures, and this one lived up to billing. We had stopped at a pedestrian bridge over the river when the Hubster noticed a movement in the bushes. Very shortly, this little guy hopped out of the bushes, giving us the once over all the while. Since he wasn’t running back into the bush, we took the opportunity to give him the once over. And he was doing the same to us. After a bit, we started to head back to the car, and this little guy started following us. When we’d stop, he’d stop, and when we’d start walking again, so would he. Once we reached the car, he had to circle around it, checking everything out. It was so cute. When we got back to our lodgings, our hosts told us that Kea’s love shiny things. Fortunately our car didn’t have a lot of chrome on it, or we might have been in trouble.
After this drive, Queenstown was a bit of a let-down. Way, way, way too tourist-y for us. Reminded us of a ski town like Mammoth or Aspen. We spent a leisurely morning getting ourselves together before heading out. We went to a cove to check out the local lime kilns, then we headed up the mountain in the gondola, which did have some pretty spectacular views.

We also watched this crazy person (and no it’s not me or the Hubster) go bungy jumping. Other than that, it was a pretty laid back day.