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Monday, October 30, 2006

No Pictures

No pictures 'cause I have absolutely worth taking a picture of. The knitting mojo has abandoned me.

I finished one Halloween sock but I have to say it is the worst fair isle I have ever done in my life and it looks awful. Maybe I can get it together for next Halloween.

And it turns out I should have actually looked at the sweater pattern that I'm knitting up with the Silky Tweed (see last post) before I purchased the yarn instead of relying on the LYS because according to the pattern, I need a little over 1,000 meters to do the sweater. The LYS told me I would only need 6 skeins (which works out to 720 meters) and so that's what I bought. And now of course my LYS only has 1 more skein. So shame on me (but I'm still a little torqued at them too) since I really wanted to finish this before or on our trip. Won't happen now.

My one ray of hope is the Noro sweater. I'm finally coming out of my chemo fog, and have every confidence that I'll finish it before we leave. In fact I'm planning on wearing it on the plane. (I probably just jinxed myself, but oh well.

On top of everything else, many weeks ago, the family decided we'd do Thanksgiving early this year as the Hubster and I will be out of the country on the actual day. The day we picked is this coming Sunday. Sounded like a good idea at the time. And, not only are we doing Thanksgiving here, but it looks like, what with family and friends, there will be somewhere in the neighborhood of 14 people here. Guess I'd better get to some house cleaning.

Fortunately, I'm about 80% packed. You know, the easy part. Like the clothes, meds, toiletries and the like that I'm going to take. The hard part is figuring out what knitting to take. I'm definitely taking the Storyteller socks with some burgandy Cherry Tree Hill for on the plane, but I'd really like to pack an easy sweater for while we'll be in the car and the like. I guess it's time to do some serious stash diving and see what I come up with. I'm also planning on packing some self-striping or varigated sock yarn (kind and color TBD) to have in a pinch to make some plain stockinette stitch socks. I think that's all I'm taking as I'm hoping to find some treasures while we're out and about. ;-)

We're having Halloween festivities at work tomorrow, including dress-up. I'm doing what I've threatened to do for years, and I'm going in my jammies, robe and slippers. To spice things up, I'm also taking one of my wigs and putting it up in curlers and a hair net. Although I'm not drinking coffee anymore, I'll be carrying around a coffee mug to complete the ensemble. Maybe you'll get a picture, maybe not.

Well, time to do a little stash diving. (What, you thought I was going to clean house?) Pishaw.


At 11:17 PM, Blogger JRS said...

Don't stress too much about what yarn to take--after all, you're going to Sheepland! Seriously, there are like 50 million sheep in NZ and 5 million people, or something like that...when my neighbors went last year, they brought me back a cone of DK weight wool that they bought from a sheep farmer/spinner on the side of the road...
Have a great trip!


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