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Sunday, September 24, 2006

Happy Autumn

Autumn has always been my favorite time of year. The gosh-awful heat around here usually has broken, so you can comfortably sit outdoors. We're heading into the holiday season. My birthday's coming (very soon). And lastly it's apple season.

I love apples. They're my favorite fruit. And Autumn means that it's time to go visit Oak Glen. Just as there's nothing better than picking your own nicely ripe tomato from your own garden, there's nothing better than heading up to Oak Glen and picking up some newly picked apples. (Or pick your own, but my energy level isn't quite up to that.)

So after the Boy Child's soccer game yesterday, we hopped on the motorcycle for a quick apple run. The Hubster's and my taste tends to run tart, so we picked up some Honey Golds and Jonagolds. I'm still not eating much in the way of solid food, but the apples are sitting quite well.

This little tableau was shot on my front porch. The milk can is a legacy from my grandfather's dairy farm. I keep it filled with season appropriate flowers. And the Happy Harvest shovel is from a Joann's sale. I like the look of the basket of apples there so much, I think I'll have to find some artificial ones and keep the basket out there through the fall season.

Today is also my cancerversary. I've been living with cancer for 4 years. I type that with a great deal of mixed emotion. Happy I'm still here. Sorrow for those I've known who couldn't beat this thing. Anger that they can't seem to find a cure. But mostly grateful for what they've been able to do to keep me alive these last 4 years.

I'm still knitting the Noro sweater. I'm to the point I don't think I'll ever finish. The end is so tantilizingly close, but I'm in that black hole where you knit and knit and your piece doesn't grow. (Course it's a little hard to accomplish much when you're only knitting 3 or 4 rows a day.) But I will get there.

If I don't finish soon, I may have to put the sweater on hiatus and start a Shedir from This chemo is causing me to lose my hair again. For the third time. I've got plenty of scarves and wigs, although I may go for a new look in the wig department. But with the New Zealand trip coming up, I'd like a cap or two. Since I'm going to the land of wool, it'd be nice to have a stylish knit or two to have on the head. Anyone got any suggestions?


At 6:18 AM, Anonymous Kelly said...

What beautiful fall picture! Knitpicks has a free pattern for a chemo hat. It's very stylish!

At 8:24 AM, Blogger Debstmomy said...

I love your porch! So festive. I too love fall. Post a pic of the sweater, I would love to see. No ideas on a hat, sorry. New yarn store opening up 10/01 in Redlands. The Yarn Deli, 515 New Jersey #C. Would love to finally meet you.

At 6:25 PM, Blogger Sarah said...

hi from New Zealand! It's cool that you are so excited about coming here. Where are you planning to travel?


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