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Sunday, July 30, 2006

Out of the Fog (Temporarily)

Long story short, Big Sur was everything it has always been, but I was not. I started having bloating issues during vacation that only got worse as time went on. I was able to spin some everyday (it was amazing) and made two fantastic stops at Village Spinning & Weaving.

Without getting too graphic, this week has involved a new chemo regime that is kicking my butt, a paracentisis which provided some greatly needed relief, and a new port-o-cath placed which greatly improved drug delivery. It's been a nasty horrid week, and right now I just don't have the wherewithal to put a pretty face on it.

I've got lots positive to blog about, just no energy to do it. Just wanted to check in and let you all (6 of you) know that I'm still alive, at least for now.

Friday, July 14, 2006

If I'm Dreaming Don't Wake Me Up

After a really really really long day at City of Hope Wednesday and arriving home in a truly foul mood, I discovered that my wheel had arrived.

Isn’t she purdy? (Pictured next to my car for proportion purposes.) Even with its diminuative size, I’m going to be able to sit on a regular chair to spin as the orifice and treadle are both at just the right height. I was slightly (o.k., a lot) torqued that the wheel arrived with no hooks on the flyer, but the seller was so apologetic I couldn’t stay mad for long. We were able to remedy that problem quickly. It also came with a really great book printed in Australia from the early ‘80’s that has tons and tons of really great information.

I lamented to the Hubster that it wasn’t fair that the wheel came 3 days before vacation and (half) jokingly said we should take it along. He says, “We could do that. It’s small enough, it’ll fit in the car.” So I will get to spend a portion of every day attempting to spin in some of the most gorgeous scenery God has ever made.

But that’s not all! Whilst doing my research regarding all things having to do with spinning, I came across Village Spinning & Weaving located in Solvang, Cali. It is a mere 190 (or 202 miles depending on which map search you use) from home. Literally on the way. I provided this information to the Hubster, and he says we should stop in!

The Hubster has been incredibly curious (in the most delightful way possible) about all things having to do with spinning—from how the wheel works to different kinds of roving, fleece and how it’s all prepared. As a wise man once told me, if you want to learn something well, teach it to someone else. I’m feeling rather proud of myself that I’ve been able to answer just about ever single one of his questions so far. And there have been a lot of questions.

I took my first spinning class on Tuesday, and it was rather frustrating at first. Suddenly, the light dawned, and I was getting the draft-pull-release-whatchacallit rhythm for a bit. It was still crappy yarn, but I was spinning! Hopefully the frustration factor won’t be too high since I’ll be combining both wheel adjustment and learning to spin.

But much more than the wheel is going with me on vacation. Obviously there will be roving, but also my Noro Silk Garden yarn and the Bettna pattern, together with Amelie and my Liberty/Dublin Bay socks. I mean, that’s not so much is it? A 6-7 car drive each way; 2 hour drive up to San Jose and back to pick up the in laws and return them to the airport at the end of the week, and lots of campfire knitting. Hope I don’t run short of projects. ;-)

So bright and (hopefully) early tomorrow morning we will be heading out to some lovely cool weather, gorgeous scenery, lots of time with my wonderful soulmate, and super-fibery pastimes. If I’m dreaming, don’t wake me up.
We are going to the hinterlands, so we’ll be completely (not even cell phone service up there) out of touch until next weekend.

Catch you on the other side!

Monday, July 10, 2006

What Do You Mean It's the 10th?

I kept telling myself that I'd get to blogging over the weekend. But here it is Monday afternoon and still no blog post. And I've got so much to share--Amelie is almost done; the first Liberty sock is done; and I've swatched for my vacation project.

Oh, and I got some sock yarn from Scout for my KSKS. And that's coming together splendidly, if I do say so myself (but that's for another post). The yarn is 100% superwash merino and it feels so good. What did I get? Puesta del Sol (or Sunset, for you Angleesh speakers). And I'm feeling pretty skippy that she let me name the yarn. Did you click on the link? Go do it now. I'll wait. Go on.

Isn't it the most gorgeous stuff? It's even prettier in person than it is in the picture. After vacation, I've got to get me some of this stuff for myself.

Speaking of vacation, I spent the weekend making sure the trailer was properly provisioned, and doing laundry. Such an exciting life I lead. Thursday will be food procuring, and then it's off we go at 0'dark 30 Saturday morning. Cool temp's here I come!

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Happy 4th Y'all

We are preparing to do the stereotypical 4th of July stuff. The University of Redlands does a fantastic fireworks show, so as soon as the Germany/Italy game is over, I've been tagged this year to go get out and get our place in line. The weather seems to be cooperating, for once. It's been cloudy almost all day, which has kept it in the 80's instead of the 100's of the past few days. The humidity I could do without, but I'm not going to complain (too much).

I've got my knitting lined up to keep me company--I've started the neck decreases on Amelie and she's coming with me as well as the Liberty socks I started during the U.S./Czech Republic game. That and some liquid (non-alcoholic) refreshment should keep me in good shape until the rest of la familia joins me after the gates open.

Hope you all have a happy and safe 4th!

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Trying for Cool Thoughts

How much can you get done in 100+ degree weather? Apparently quite a bit. Of course, there’s very little on the list that I truly wanted to get done this weekend. But it’s just too darn hot.

1. I finished the guy socks. By the end of them I was ready to pull my hair out. These were just too boring for words. But, these were a test knit to see exactly how they’d fit the Hubster. He will get better (all around) socks in the future.

2. Watched England lose. I swear, Rooney needs to grow up. You don’t ever foul like that when the ref is 3 yards away. You’re gonna get thrown out every time. First Beckham 8 years ago and now Rooney. Someone needs to speak to those English lads.

3. Watched France win. Woo Hoo! I am a huge Arsenal fan, and have thought that Henry is a class act from the word go. I’ve been rooting for them and I was just thrilled to see Zidane and Henry connect for the game winner. (We’ll just be good winners and won’t talk bad about Ronaldo, ‘K?)

4. Knit the Baby Kimono from Mason Dixon Knitting. I had a couple balls of the Peaches N Cream in the Pink Lilacs color way and needed another quick gratification project. Mission accomplished.

5. Clean both bathrooms top to bottom. This actually was in the original plan. So was cleaning the rest of the house. A few other small parts look pretty good, but one can only sweat just so much before one gives up.

6. Attended a wedding. Lots of fun. A truly lovely couple and I think this one’s going to last quite a while.

7. Got some goodies in the mail. First, I won a contest on Rachele’s blog (recognizing the lyrics of an ‘80’s song). The prize was “goofy Japanese stuff" from the "100 yen store.” Love it all. The fan is certainly coming in handy in this weather. Some cute chopsticks. A little drawstring bag. A sushi eraser (good thing that was in English. I kind of thought it was candy). And 4 little bars of dark chocolate. Wish our $1 stores had such good stuff.

And last but not least, a package from my SP8 pal. A bottle of Euclan. Yeah! I keep thinking I’m going to get some for myself, but my pal took care of it fore me. And 2 skeins of lovely green alpaca yarn. I have no idea what I’m going to make with it, but it’ll sure be fun thinking about it. It will, however, be tucked away until it’s a little cooler. Oh, yeah, and there was chocolate in that package too. But it disappeared too fast to get a picture. Thanks Pal!

Sorry for the picture quality, but there’s no way I’m stepping 1 foot outside the door and make use of the natural light. You’ll have to make do with the cruddy flash.

Well, it’s 8:45 now and, according to, it’s still 88 degrees. It feels hotter than that. But, I have no clean clothes for work tomorrow. Yes, I’m working tomorrow. With a skeleton crew and things very quiet, it’s almost like not working. At least I know the office will be nice and cold.

Oh well, off to do some laundry.