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Monday, June 05, 2006

Short & Sweet

As others are waiting for the computer, this has to be short and sweet. Last week my loverly SP8 pal sent me a box of goodies. I was seriously addicted to puzzles, and this could just get me started again. (I just noticed the picture's sideways. Oi!)

I love the notecard, and at this point, the picture is all I have left of the chocolate. Very. Dark. Chocolate. Good stuff. In the baggie, though is what really got my heart going pitter-pat. Alpaca roving in a great creamy white. So soft. I wanted to sleep with it. Seriously. If this doesn't get me serious about spinning, nothing will.
I noticed I also left out the great quilting and sewing notions.

Thank you secret pal! Again!

Speaking of sewing, I really miss Joann's. For close to 20 years, there was a Joann's (o.k. House of Fabric, years ago) less than 2 miles from my house. Over the years I have sewn up a storm-from work clothes, to kids clothes, to prom dresses. It was so nice to be able to just make a quick run to the fabric store for whatever was needed at a moment's notice. The first of the year, however, Joann's, in their infinite wisdom decided to close "my" store, and open up a superstore (a Michael's wannabe, IMHO) about 8 miles away. Now that doesn't sound like very far, but there's no convenient way to get to it, and if traffic is bad on the freeway, it can take 20 minutes to more to get there. I hate it! Especially since I have a wedding to go to that I'm knitting a shawl for, and I need a dress to go with it. (What? Doesn't everybody get an outfit to go with their accessories?) Oh well, I'll be making a special trip tomorrow to see if I can find something I can work with. I'm not exactly holding my breath.

I'm not really in that pissy of a mood, all evidence from this and the last post to the contrary. I guess the dam just broke, and I had to get out some of the schmutz. We'll return to our more positive posting tomorrow.


At 2:07 PM, Blogger roseygirl said...

I bought this puzzle also I just finished it. :)


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