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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Can I Have Some Catch-Up With That?

As you can read on the Sisterhood’s blog, a week ago, I got some houseguests. And very welcome houseguests they were. So polite and neat. Yes, the yarn and I had a lovely time. They spent a lot of time with my yarn, getting to know one another. It wasn’t too long though before it became obvious that some of the yarn wasn’t quite ready to settle down here, while others really wanted to stay here with me and my family.

I talked with my yarn and asked if there was anybody with the traveling bug. And a number of them piped up. And so, while I enjoyed have them while they were with me, it was time to say goodbye to some truly lovely yarn. On the right is a sweater’s worth of Sidar Denim. In the lower left corner are 3 skeins of Cascade 220. The red is some Kroy sock yarn. Next to that is some Soy Silk. I made a great triangular scarf out of 1 skein. I hope someone really enjoys it. And then there’s some Joselyn Fiber Farms Dancing Feet. Lovely yarn. And last but not least, some Noro.

Here's a family photo of the yarns that decided to stay. Not included in the picture is some shy Kroy Sock yarn that is currently hiding out on the needles in my knitting bag. I traded out a pattern book too--Dale of Norway for Jaeger. This really was a lot of fun. I would try this again in a heartbeat.

And so the box is on it's way to ????? I'll never tell. I'll give you a hint though. It's on a long trip.

Speaking of knitting bag, look at the knitting bag I won from Designer Hand Knits in Riverside. (I really have to push Nancy harder to get a website.) I’ve been looking at this bag for a while, but it was a bit too extravagant. During her anniversary sale, anyone who made a purchase was put in a drawing for one of several prizes. Too cool. It’s large enough for my knitting and my regular purse paraphernalia. If this post wasn't so long, I'd show you the interior with all the neat little extras. My personal favorite is the yarn guides on each side of the bag. Love it!

Here’s the FO I was talking about the other day. It’s Cascade Yarns Bollicine Yarn. 70% kid mohair and 30% acrylic. It was a joy to knit with. So soft, and only a tiny bit sticky. I think the acrylic in the yarn helped that a lot. I can’t even tell you where I got the pattern from, it’s been so long ago, but it’s low effort/high satisfaction quotient kind of knit.

And last but not least, I have to show you what my Mama’s working on. I’m mentioned my nephew is expecting (oh, you know what I mean), and Mama wanted a portable baby project. So this is the Baby Bib from MDK. She has no idea what the color way is as the ball band has long since vanished into the mists. But it's so cute.

In the knitting bag is a pair of father’s day socks (the Kroy yarn mentioned above), and the Orsa Wrap which is my World Cup Knitting project. I have yet to knit a stitch on that as yet. Hopefully at lunch tomorrow. Provided I’m not napping. (But that's for another post.)

That sort of catches things up. For the next 30 seconds anyway.


At 9:22 AM, Anonymous Kelly said...

Lot's of great yarns! I love that shawl very pretty oh and that's a really cool knitting bag!

At 10:56 AM, Blogger Ann said...

Wow... you're having some fun! Hope some of that makes it back to me...[smile]


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