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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Catching Up

Too much time has passed since we had the Relay for Life. But I wanted to get this out there.

My family and friends were quickly on board when I first signed up for the Relay as team captain. Little did I realize that when I signed up in February, months of planning and fundraising had already been going on. So our team had a little bit of a late start. But I'm quite proud of my crew. With just a few people doing the funraising, and in less than 2 months' time, our little team raised over $2,100. Such a small sum in the fight against cancer, but adding our little bits to other people's little bits make for a lot of bits.

It's hard to believe after today's temperatures in the low 90's that 2 weeks ago we were walking in cold and rain. We got there about 7:00 a.m. to set up camp (one of the pictures I can't seem to upload). Our team's theme was Hope on a Butterfly's Wings, and our shelter was covered with butterflies.
Each one of the little butterflies has the name of friends and family or family and friends of friends who have had cancer. Too many butterflies.

The camera batteries died just as the opening ceremonies started (of course), so I don't have any pictures. The ceremonies were very moving, even if they did start late. They started with the usual thanks for coming and participating speeches. Then they had the survivors' lap which I walked. It was very moving. Then the Relay began. There were a number of high school teams. During the opening hours of the Relay, they were very energetic and high spirited. It was kind of fun to watch them poop out as the day and night progressed.

Our team had 18 walkers all total. Unfortunately, they weren't all together at one time to get a group picture. But I want to thank Jody, Donn, Jackie, Chris, Vanessa, Nick, Bill, Gabriel, Ted, Ruby, Jimmy, Amy, Mary, Mama, the Niecelet, Girl Child, Boy Child and of course the Hubster for participating. Many thanks too, to those of you in Blogland who contributed.

The Niecelet spent the majority of her walking time like this (cell phone connected to ear).

I spent the majority of the time like this (knitting).

At dusk, they lit 100's of luminaria surrounding the track. Each of the luminari had the name of someone with cancer. Too many. They also had luminaria up in the stands. The whole thing was beautiful. It rained during the night, making walking a bit miserable (although we had plenty of umbrellas and rain ponchos). Morning dawned bright and beautiful--hardly a cloud in the sky. Too bad the relay couldn't have been a day later.

Even though I felt crappy from fighting my stoopid infection and the weather was less than ideal, the family was already thinking hard on ideas for next year's Relay. Because, of course, what we are all working toward is a


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Super color scheme, I like it! Good job. Go on.


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