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Thursday, April 13, 2006

You Want Socks?

We got your socks right here. At least pieces of socks. In order to provide updates for both SYAC and SockapalOOOza, I submit the following:
Mama’s sock. For now, only one. I had started (only about 5 rows) the second sock when I got so sick last week. The finished sock went AWOL temporarily. Turns out I left it behind at work. But since I didn’t have sock #1 to compare to the growing sock #2, this pair stalled.

As I was recovering over the weekend, I wanted something mindless to knit, so I cast on, what else, but another sock:
And have got as far as turning the heel. I’ve been carrying this around in my purse, what I call my “waiting“ project, so I get a row done here, a row done there as I wait (usually in line).

And finally I’m not even sure I can call this a sock yet, but:
I finally settled on yarn and pattern for my sock pal. Yes, I know I previously asked for opinions on 4 variegated yarns. But after looking at them--a lot--I decided they were too heavy handed for what essentially will be a late spring/early summer sock. Plus, I yearned for a lacy pattern. Thankfully, my SP7 pal provided me the perfect inspiration: The Vine Lace Socks from Socks, Socks, Socks. Also, in true SYAC spirit, I dove into the stash and pulled out this lovely Lorna Lace’s Shepherd Sock yarn in Lilac. Houston, we have lift off. (About time, don’t ya think?)

So that’s the beginnings of 3 pairs of socks.

In my own oblivious way, I’ve been very successfully ignoring the fact that the first week of May is only a couple plus weeks away. So what’s the big deal? Well, in addition to my sock pal’s socks, I have got it in my head that I MUST have Topi in teal for the Relay for Life. The Hubster’s birthday is the 30th, and I have it in my head that he needs a pair of socks. And Mama’s socks need to be done by the 5th.

For those having difficulty with the math (me), that makes 1 cap and 3 pairs of socks in 2 1/2 weeks. Better get cracking.

We're off to the wilds of Big Bear tomorrow. Have a blessed Easter weekend.


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