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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Somebody Stop Me!

Startitis is still running rampant at Casa Ref. In the last week, I have cast on for yet 2 more projects. On the positive side, I finished the SSS, and it's blocking as I post. And, I've been getting a few rows done on Mariah a night. But still. 2? And no, 1 of them is not the Lace Wrap.

In my defense, I cast on for 2 because I had 2 different project needs. The first is Heart ( cancer awareness, p. 7). {Blogger doesn't like the picture. I'll have to edit it in later.} I'm using Nature Spun yarn worsted weight in teal. Since the yarn is much smaller than the chunky called for in the pattern, it's a much narrower scarf. I'm also going to have to do more repeats to get a decent length. But since I'm going to be wearing it the end of April, it's not like I'm going to need a big honking scarf anyway. I wasn't feeling its full love, though, until I pinned it out to take the picture. I think once it's blocked it'll be great. {Once I get the picture up,} you may (or may not) notice that I skipped a row in the 2nd heart down from the needle. It's been frogged back and fixed. I needed to get started on this one because of the Relay for Life (see sidebar link) end-of-April deadline.

#2 is a sock made with Sockotta sock yarn--Fair Isle. Because of the self-patterning of the yarn, this is going to be just a plain stockinette stitch sock. The perfect mindless, portable project.

Speaking of mindless, that's what this post is. I'm having a hard time focussing on what I'm doing. I leave shortly for a CT scan and dr.'s appointment. Don't know what the news will be, but I'm trying to think positive.


At 6:08 PM, Blogger Sheri said...

Ooh - I love that Fair Isle self-pattern. Very cool.

I have my fingers crossed for you that your CT scan and doctor's appointment held good news. I know how scary that can be.


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