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Friday, March 17, 2006

Plan B

After firing off a letter to the knucklehead yarn distributor (see last post), I wanted to take a copy to my LYS so she would be filled in on the goings-on. On the way there, I decided that since it was Project Night, I'd just hang out there a while. I was in just the mood that I knew if I went home I'd either sit and sulk or get into an argument with the Hubster (which, of course, would totally be my fault).

So, for the sake of my marriage (yeah, right), I hung out. And I'm so glad I did. First off, Nancy loved my letter. She's getting so frustrated at the continual difficulties. (Not that I necessarily think this will help.) Second, she donated to my Relay for Life, bless her heart. Third, the ladies that came were fun, and we had a good time.

And fourth--saving the best for last--I got to see a bunch of new-to-her-store stuff as it was being put up on the shelves. I was restrained in my purchases however. I only got some teal (the color for ovarian cancer) yarn to make a Heart (page 7) scarf to wear at night for the Relay. Oh yeah, and some size 4 addi's (for what's coming next.) But, really the bestest of all, she got the whole color line of the Skacel Merino Lace just like my SP7 gifted me. Even "my" color.

When I gasped and grabbed, she told me that Skacel had sent along a complementary lace wrap pattern.

I know you can't tell from the picture, but one look and I fell in love. If I had had the yarn with me, I would have cast on right then and there.

Since I didn't, I finished the right side of Mariah (do I really have to add the link?--I think just about everyone has either seen or done this sweater), and then got one more repeat done on Mama's South Slocan Scarf.

Which finally brings us to the title of the post. After I got home and some discussion with the Hubster, the weekend is shaping up as follows:

1. Some serious housework.
2. Knitting--
Mariah, after I confirm that the sweater parts will fit the corresponding girl-child parts, it will be time to work up the yolk and hood. Coming down the home stretch y'all!
At least 1 more repeat of Mama's SSS.
And I just have to cast on for the Lace Wrap.
3. Watching some March Madness and NASCAR.
4. Getting my last (sniff, sniff) SP7 package to mail.
5. Dinner date.

Guess that's a weekend I can live with.


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