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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Lackluster Tuesday

In lieu of actual knitting content, I offer the following. Just because I can.

This is Felicity aka Devil Cat aka Long Drink of Water. I don’t know how she get any rest like this, but this is her normal sleeping position. Just watching her sleep makes my back hurt.

This is the time of year I love (parts) of my yard. This would be my favorite part at the moment. The iris is from stock that was originally my grandmother’s. When she passed and the house was sold, I dug up some of the rhizomes.

I have moved 3 more times since and each time I’ve taken some with me. The freesias I planted about 4 years ago and haven’t done anything with them since. I suppose if I actually fed them, they go back to their original colors, but I kind of like the yellow and cream colors.

O.k., a teeny, tiny bit of knitting content. Mariah is progressing, Heart is progressing, the plain socks are progressing. None of them have advanced enough to bother posting pictures. Still waiting for the Silver Thaw yarn (#5 for those who asked). Would it be too bizarre to admit I took my ball winder and pattern with me to work just in case it came in the mail so I could start Orso at the first possible minute? O.k., never mind. Never happened.


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