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Friday, March 10, 2006

I'm Just an FO Machine

After work yesterday I went to the niece's track meet. She was in 2 events--the 800 meters and the 4X400 relay. Of course, she ran the 800 meters almost the second I got there, and then didn't run the relay unless the next-to-the-last race of the evening. But I did not go unprepared. Oh no, no, no, no, no.

I took along the scarf I started last weekend. And, as you can see, finished it. That makes the 8th project I've finished so far this year. Nothing along the lines of a sweater, but still.

Beings as I wanted to gift this as soon as I got to work, this tepid attempt at photography is the best I can muster. It was done on a dark, cloudy, early morning. O.k.? At least it gives you a fairly accurate idea of the color and the pattern.

According to the weather gurus, we are in for cold (40 degrees) and ugly (rain and wind) weather this weekend. For those in colder climes, there'll be no rude comments please. :)

My friend's husband just called all excited because there was hail (smaller than peas--nothing like the Midwest) and "freezing rain" coming down in Redlands. Here at work, it's cloudy, but dry, so far. Oops. As soon as I turned around to look out the window, it's started raining.

The hubster was as sick as I've ever seen him yesterday. Ugly cold with a fever. The man actually called in sick and spent the day in bed or on the couch. I was about ready to take him to the E.R. (just kidding). He's back at work today, sounding much better, but I have a feeling that not much is going to get done this weekend at Casa Knitting Ref.

I really wanted to get some home improvement things done, but I've just about reconciled myself to the fact that since that's not going to happen, it'll be a weekend of house cleaning (ack!), cooking (gotta eat), knitting (woo-hoo!) and sports viewing. If so, I'm gonna shoot to get Mariah done and maybe even cast on for my sockapalOOOza socks.

Here's hopin'.


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