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Saturday, March 11, 2006

Ain't No Knittin' Here

Well, at least no pictures of knitting today. And why? Cause we are having very un-Southern-California-like weather. In case you can't read that, at 6:31 this evening it was a freakin' cold 40 degrees. We didn't even get above 55 at all today. I know I'm sounding like a total goober, but we just don't have much of this kind of weather. In fact, if you go back just about a month, I spent my day in shorts and shirt sleeves. So I think this is very cool. Of course, the fact that we were indoors all day except for one brief foray for lunch makes it very easy to have that attitude.

Exhibit B of more very abnormal weather. Hail. 4 separate showers of it. In addition to the hail, we've had rain, wind, thunder, lightning, and sleet.
I was planning on putting out my veggies this weekend, but it'll have to wait a while. My freesias were coming up so nicely, I threw a sheet over them; hopefully, that will protect them from the worst of the abuse.

And if I haven't already proven that I am completely nuts about weather, I give you this: The top of that hill, y'all, is only 1800 feet elevation. Our house is about 1400 feet. So tantilizingly close, yet so far. Supposedly we'll be getting down to 35 degrees tonight. Maybe we'll have snow. Fingers crossed.

As I said, the only foray out into the cold temps was when the girl child and I went out to lunch. We left the Hubster at home on the couch. I think he went back to work too soon, and has had a relapse. It has given me the perfect excuse (like I needed one) to sit by the fireplace, watch the weather out the window and knit like crazy. Gotta be quiet, you know, so the Hubster can rest. ;-)

Now, there's no pictures of my progress. The light is all wrong. But still, exciting progress! I am off Mariah's sleeve island--2 sleeves finished. I've cast on for the right front. As I recall, the left front worked up really fast. (So fast, I don't even remember knitting it. If I get as much knitting done tomorrow as I did today, I may be working up the yolk by tomorrow night.

But that's not all. Oh no. I also cast on the first Happy Feet sock. I'm using STR's Cobblestone County. I am so loving this colorway. I've never successfully done a toes up pattern--the heel always does me in--but I've consulted an expert, and with her help, I'm hoping to conquer my short row phobia.

With luck, there will actual knitting photos tomorrow.


At 2:18 AM, Anonymous Dipsy D. said...

Hi from Austria! It's strange how the weather seems to freak out lately - here we should be having the first spring-like, mild days, but instead we have snow and temeratures below zero - duh... I do hope you'll be getting a bit warmer temperatures soon!
I'm looking forward to seeing progress-pics of your Mariah and the socks!

At 11:42 AM, Blogger Debstmomy said...

Fellow IE knitter here. Found you from Crazy Aunt Purl. Do you visit any LYS???? Where do you knit???


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