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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Stop the Presses!

We interrupt our planned post to alert the media to the great SP7 package I found when I came home today.

Secret Pal, the timing couldn't have been any more perfect, and the prezzies are too. I drug (dragged?) myself into work this morning to get a few things done before making the trek to City of Hope for my dr.'s appointment. For some reason, the drive seemed especially long. No exciting news from the appointment, but then, no bad news either. Just more of the same. Still, I was dreading the drive back. In order to buck myself up, I was going to drive on to Pasadena to check out a yarn store there (the one I like in Monrovia is closed on Wednesdays). Instant change of plans though, when I called my mom to update her about the appointment. She very innocently says, "Oh, I moved a package from New Jersey into the house when I stopped by earlier."

New Jersey! That could only mean that my SP has surfaced once again. Suddenly the drive home wasn't quite so bad. And it got even better once I opened the box. From the upper left hand corner is a skein of Artful Yarns Portrait. Love that colorway. The big skein next to it is Skacel Merino Laceweight--1375 yards! In Bo-gandy (as my niece used to call it). It is a beautiful rich red color. The box contains Sweethearts (I'm such a sucker for those things). And below that? Oh, that's nothing. I think the little package used to contain Lindor Chocolates, but I'm not exactly sure, it disappeared so fast.

The Portrait yarn has a pattern on the tag--I think that's what I'll probably do with that. As for what to do with the laceweight, my pal sent me this link. I've heard so much about "A Gathering of Lace" that I may have to take the plunge. Or, maybe, this. I've had my eye on it for a while. Or ???

Decisions, decisions, decisions.

Thanks again SP!


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