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Friday, February 17, 2006

Over the Hump?

Still no updated picture to post. Bad blogger, I know, but most of the last 36 hours was spent getting ready to leave this afternoon, and the shawl doesn't look all that different from the last picture. I may or may not be out of (internet) touch for the long weekend. The beach where we're going camping has WiFi access, but I've never used it before. This weekend will be a test run to see if I can get it up and going. If so, there will be pictures and posts. If not, you'll be waiting till Tuesday.

I think I'm finally over my difficulties on the shawl; at least for now. I finally got past the 4 rows that were giving me grief. I'm so far behind the intended schedule that I've throw that out the window. Yes, I've given up all hope for a gold star, but in the vein of Lindsay Kildow and others, I'm going to limp on and see just how far I can go.

While I'm not giving up, I am also taking along my Jaywalkers. If it gets too dark to do the lace reliably, then I'll switch over to the socks. I'm just not a good sitter-and-do-nothinger.

Happy Camping!


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