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Saturday, February 11, 2006

Mess O Knittin'

There is just no way to photograph lace when it’s at this stage—too big to stretch out on the needles, not enough to stretch out and make any sense of it. This just looks like a bunch of strange colored dental floss.

The Olympic knitting is coming along. I had to stop one row short of my goal for last night, but I figure the judges will add points for degree of difficulty as two hours was spent watching not only the opening ceremonies, but also the US men’s national soccer team play Japan. (Yes, there is actually a spot in my house where I can view 2 t.v.’s at once. Is that sick or what?) What started to look like an easy soccer game got exciting toward the end as Japan also caught up from a 3-0 deficit. But our guys hung on to win 3-2.

As for the opening ceremonies—the best overall that I’ve seen in a number of years. I wondered while I was watching who else was checking out all the athletes’ garments to see who had the best knitted garments. My personal favorites were the scarves worn by those from Belarus (my favorite; at least I think these were knitting and not printed or embroidered on like some), Estonia, England and Romania. And the Germans have me trying to figure out how to make a knitted baseball cap. But that will have to be for much, much later.

I’m still not quite up to where I’ve plotted I should stop for my Day 2 knitting, but I needed to take a break. Most of the day was spent doing a little housework here, knitting a few rows, doing a little housework there.

Well, time’s a wastin’. Got to get back to “competition.”


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