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Sunday, February 26, 2006

Fourth Place?

Yeah, I finished my socks! Yes, socks. Jaywalkers done in Socks That Rock yarn, Carbon Dating colorway. Isn't that what I said I was going to do when this all started? Socks--shawl; it's the same thing isn't it? Seriously, as to the shawl, I flat pooped out. That is not a project that I can keep total focus on for so long. No further progress has been made on the shawl. This has been a valuable process however. I learned some very important things during this past 17 days.

It confirmed that while I love knitting--must knit every possible moment--I will never be a monogamous knitter. My life just isn't conducive to focussing on one project at a time. Unless, of course, that project is something stupidly simple like afghan squares, socks or garter stitch scarf. Even then, I'm not sure it could compltely hold my attention.

Real life means that I'm working on several projects at a time. A few rows of a lace shawl everyday for the challenge it presents. A sweater, purse, socks and/or other project that peaks my interest. And a portable project with me at those times I'm stuck in line. That's at a minimum.

So, what am I looking at doing now?

1. Finishing Mariah. (I got 5-1/2 inches of sleeve done this evening.)
2. Finishing the Spirit of the Southwest Shawl. (2 rows done today.)
3. Finishing the Dublin Bay Socks.
4. Noro Lotorp Bag (Scroll down to 4th row).
5. Noro Bettna (First picture 2nd row).
6. Print O' the Waves Shawl with the fantastic yarn my SP gave me.
7. SockapalOOOza socks.
8. Little goody for my SP7 pal.
9. Afghan squares for Warm Up America.
10. And maybe I can knit a bear to send to the Bay Window.

Whew. Better stop for now. All these fit my requirements. The sweater is for my girl child and I'm anxious to finish. 2 lace shawls for the challenge. 3 fairly simple projects that should be good t.v. knitting. 2 gift projects that I'm actually looking forward to doing and 2 charity knits; all of which are portable.

Guess I'd better get busy.


At 8:10 PM, Blogger Ann said...

What fabulous Jaywalkers! I love that STR colorway. I'm having such fun clicking around in your blog. Insightful and thoughtful. Thanks for sharing.


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