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Friday, January 13, 2006

Still Busy, Busy, Busy

The Hubster's motorcycle has been in the shop since Tuesday evening, so for the last 3 mornings I've had to get up at 0 dark 30 to take him to work. I so hate mornings. He actually drives the 15 minutes to work, and I drive home and crawl back in bed for another hour. Or another hour and a half this morning. I really had to get my butt in gear to get to work on time. I have to say, though, I'm enjoying the drives home. Tonight, we even ate out and had a lovely evening with some great conversation.

Despite the chunk of time that all the extra commuting and waiting around for the Hubster is taking, I'm feeling mighty productive, let me tell you. I got the last of my first SP7 box together and into the mail. I've been cruising my giftee's blog. She sounds like my kind of gal.

In fact, I've been cruising a lot of the SP7 blogs. I can't believe how many people are involved. It's amazing how diverse people are and still are brought together knitting. I mean, there's an ultra-Christian SAHM's blog to a punk rocker's to, well . . . me. Pretty cool. So far, I've only made it about halfway down through the list. I wonder who my gifter is. I'll keep cruising, trying to get clues.

I am also well on my way on Jaywalker, about 2 inches done just this evening. No point is posting the picture, though. The colorway just doesn't photograph well in artificial light.

I'm hoping this weekend continues to be productive as well. It's a 3-day weekend. Woo-Hoo! Only problem is I have about 60 hours of projects to fit into that 1 extra day.

The Hubster and I are scheduled to referee a couple games in the morning. The weather forecast is for rain tomorrow afternoon into evening. So I have 2 plans of attack. If it's ugly rainy/windy, the rest of the weekend will be spent cooking, cleaning house and knitting (as well as rooting on my Broncos!) If not, then bring on the painting and gardening (and Broncos!).

My seed order from Burpee arrived today. 2 kinds of tomatoes, 2 kinds of squash, chives, pumpkins and bush beans (the garlic will be coming later). It may be too early to reasonably start my seeds, but my garden is small, and I have so many seeds (stupid California government won't allow Burpee to send live vegetable plants, so I have to start my veggies from seeds--oh sorry, this isn't a rant post) and it's been such a warm winter that I think I'll live dangerously and try to start a few.

Course you realize this means that we will have a major storm sometime in the next couple weeks (at some point after the little sprouts poke up their little heads). Just so you know.


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