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Saturday, January 21, 2006

Pass the Alcohol

I had this big ol' rant worked up in my mind, but when I finally sat down to the keyboard, I find I can't in good conscience put it all out there in the cyberworld. But I am gonna vent just a bit.

The subject: My MIL. She's in town for a visit. First of all, she won't stay with us (or anybody else she goes to visit), instead staying at a motel (but not the one I recommended). When the Hubster and I first married, I was rather miffed over this. I have since decided that this is, as Martha Stewart says, "a good thing." And why would I be so anxious for a little distance, you ask? The woman plays 20 Questions. Times 8,326,497. And then she questions your answer. I'm exhausted, I tell ya.

Because I have to really focus on the conversation, intricate knitting is out. But it does mean that I was able to do a Kitty Pi. In about 3 hours.

And it obviously is as big a hit as the first one. Felicity apparently couldn't even wait to claim it before it was fully dry. Of course, as soon as I grabbed the camera, she quit sitting pretty and decided it was bath time.

I did this one yesterday and felted it this morning. I held out for about an hour before I started another Pi. I just can't sit. There are times when the stash is a lifesaver. I got about halfway through this one before we left for dinner.

She's back at the motel (thank God she's a morning person) now, and I'm relaxing with a little adult libation.

One more day, just one more day.


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