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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

It's a Jaywalker

Well, the day was spent at the doctor's office/hospital in appointments and tests. As I had already pretty much guessed, the nasty buggers are becoming really active again, so it means I'm back on chemo--Cytoxan this time. We'll see how this one works. Thankfully, it's in pill form; no I.V. I took my first dose about an hour and a half ago and so far no problems.

Since I was stuck in waiting rooms a good portion of the day, it means I got a fair amount of knitting done. I had some work with me that took about an hour, and then after that it was knit, knit, knit. And I finished my first Jaywalker. Man does knitting on 1's work up slowly.

Although I tried several different shots, the camera just doesn't do this colorway (Carbon Dating) justice (it doesn't on Blue Moon's website either). It is absolutely gorgeous.

In fact, I was standing in line at the pharmacy (knitting, of course) and one of the hospital volunteers stops and oohs and aahs over it. She'd never heard of Sock that Rock yarn, so I was happy to fill her in.

Now I'm off to cast on for the 2nd sock.


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