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Thursday, January 19, 2006

I am such a Joiner

So when the Yarn Harlot issued the Olympic challenge, what was I to do, but join in the fun?

My training regime includes working hard on Mariah--I'm up to almost 10 inches of sleeve now; and Jaywalker--I just started the heel flap. I'm hoping to have one or both (yeah, right) done by the 10th. We'll see.

I'm also working on something for my SP7 pal, but don't want to post for fear she's scouring the blogs like I am trying to figure out who my pal is. It's not of a knitting nature (although it does involve sharp instruments, and will be perfect for Valentine's.

The MIL arrives in town this afternoon. Don't know how much knitting I'll get accomplished over the weekend. Probably not much unless I start another kitty pi or something else that doesn't require close attention to detail. And there will more than likely be no blogging.

It's going to be a long weekend.


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