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Monday, January 16, 2006

How I Spent My Day Off

This is where I sit to knit. The chair is very special. According to my mother, this rocker is over 100 years old. Since she is going to be 79 her next birthday, and it originally belonged to her grandparents, she's probably right. One of my earliest memories is sitting in it at my grandparents' house. The seat was pretty sad looking and it didn't have much padding any more. So I reupholstered it. The back cushion is something I added for extra comfort, although it comes off easily as I didn't want to mess with the integrity of the original chair.

Mariah is in the seat, and the directions are on the music stand. I really suck at reading charts and this is my first real cable project, so it's going very slowly. If I had realized that the pattern was only in chart form, I may not have tried it. But the girl child really wanted a hoodie sweater, so what's a mother to do.

I also Kool Ade dyed some Knitpicks Color Your Own yarn. No pictures as it's still pretty wet (despite the fact that it's only 8% humidity today) and not photographing well. I only did one skein with black cherry and orange. It turned out kind of a salmon color. Not bad, although I was originally thinking more along the lines of burgandy.

Add in a lovely lunch with my mom, a Costco run, dinner with both kids present (!!!), and feeling generally draggy all day long due to allergy meds, and it was a pretty full day.


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