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Saturday, January 14, 2006

Feeling Good and a Dilemma

Busy (I seem to be stuck on that word lately) day, but it's been really good. The Hubster and I started the morning refereeing in the area playoffs. I started with a U10 boys game while he did a U14 girls game. My game went so smoothly, I convinced the Hubster to let me center the U14 boys game we were both assigned to. I'm glad I did. It felt really good to be in the center of a higher level game. I was worried that I wouldn't be able to make it through the game physically, but I did.

We came home afterward and watched the sky get dark. No real rain to speak of, but it got chilly enough to turn on the gas log. This is the first time since before Christmas it's been cold enough to turn it on.

I had all these plans for today. But once we got home, I just got Lazy (with a capital L). We had a little lunch, and then I plopped myself in the rocker, and I've barely moved from the chair all day.

Not that I haven't been keeping myself occupied. I started on Mariah's sleeve. Unfortunately, cables in dark olive don't photograph well in the lighting I had available, so you'll have to take my word for it that it's coming along.

I have to say I love the internets. I got to the portion of the sleeve where the chart instructions were to [k1 tbl, k1]. What the heck does that mean? Fortunately for me, so many people have knitted up Mariah that there's plenty of information out there in Blogland/Webland on the tricky parts. A quick little search and I had my answer.

Then the Broncos game started, and I had to put it down. Cables and football just don't go together (at least not for me). The game made me very nervous (why oh why can't Denver just have 1 runaway game so I can relax and gloat?), and I needed something to knit.

So I pulled out Jaywalker. That's about 4 inches of sock there in the picture, 3 of which got done during the game. I had to stay focussed on tension. I was so nervous, I kept making it too tight. But it's working out well, don't you think? The picture doesn't do the depth and range of colors justice. The varigation is a lot more subtle within each color, and yellow doesn't show up at all. Also, the picture is showing up the white a lot more too for some reason.

And now my dilemma. I admit I am mildly superstitious. I spent the whole Broncos game knitting these socks. And they won. I know the entire reason they won was because I was knitting these socks. Riiigghhtt. The team's skill and ability to score after turnovers had absolutely nothing to do with it.

So, should I wait until next week before I knit on these some more? Or, do I throw caution to the wind and assume that any sock knitting will work? Or maybe any knitting will work. I don't want to jinx my Broncos. What do I do? (Colts and Steelers fans need not weigh in.)


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