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Saturday, December 10, 2005

It's Amazing How Things Work Out
Last night I finished the Hubster's and DD BF's caps (pictures of those on the WWLHG blog titled 3 More Babee), and was looking for the yarn to start my nieces' purses. Looking without success, I might add.

In my hunt, I came across some beads and remembered a pattern I'd seen in Handknit Holidays involving knitting with wire. So I pulled out some 28 gauge copper beading wire I had (amazing I could find that, huh?) and decided to give it a try. Love it, love it, love it. The pattern calls for 24 gauge, but I like how delicate it looks. DD has given her seal of approval too. (Amazing!)

If things continue to go as well as they have (I know, I just cursed myself), I'm going to make some more of these for gifts for some folks at the office instead of going out and buying them something. Amazing what I'll do to keep from going to the mall, eh? (I hate shopping!)

Another amazing event is that I can see the bottom of my hamper for the first time since I don't know when. I got a good start on the laundry last weekend, but still didn't get it all done. So today I started the machine going first thing and got ALL my laundry and the sheets and towels all done. AND put away! So, until I take off the clothes I'm wearing, I can see the bottom of my hamper.

I had to laugh when I read Crazy Aunt Purl had to say about going out and buying panties instead of doing laundry. I'm exactly the same way about socks! I can never find the socks I want, or they're dirty, so it's off to the store I go. Well, today, I sorted through all the clean socks and paired them up. I had probably a dozen unmatched white socks and less than 4 other-colored unmatched socks that I just trashed. I have over 30 pairs of socks! Now that's embarassing. I guess I won't have to go sock shopping for a while eh?



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