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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

It Has to Be Here Somewhere
I thought I was so slick. Last year in January, I got the lovely Herrschner's catalog with all their really great after Xmas sales stuff. In it were these really neat angel pins. I liked them, the price was right, it was a simple project, so I ordered them. I've always like order stuff from Herrschner's--never had a problem, and didn't again this time. When they arrived, I pulled them out of the box (envelope?) and almost immediately started gluing them up. This really was a fast project, and within 24 hours I had 12 cute little angel pins ready to be given to my coworkers this Xmas.

So where are they? That is a really good question. I have torn the house apart trying to find these little suckers to no avail. I been looking for a solid week. I'm even making the Hubster twitchy. We'll be quietly sitting, watching t.v. (while I'm knitting of course) and I'll think of a possible place and all of the sudden jump up to look.

What makes me really crazy is that I know, without a shadow of a doubt, that if I go ahead and give all up for lost and get something else those little suckers will show up. Guess I've better go ahead, bite the bullet and get it over with.



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