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Thursday, December 01, 2005

I'm a baaaddd girl
I had a CT scan today. Now, I know that doesn't sound like a big deal, and, for the most part, it isn't. (For anyone who doesn't want to read about medical stuff, just skip down to the ++++.) My problem isn't going through the "doughnut," or having to drink that nasty stuff to "clean out the system." My issue is with the IV.

I've never had large, clearly defined veins, and although I used to donate blood regularly, sometimes it took some digging to fine an appropriately working gusher. After so many rounds of chemo, the veins in my arms are trashed--not so much as to cause other problems, but having lab work done is a crap shoot. But those phlebotomists to it 100's of times a day; most of them are pretty good. But when you have to have an IV put in for medical tests, most of these techs are not all they could be. I'm just saying.

This is the first time I've had a scan at City of Hope. And I will say it was lucky that an actual nurse was the one that put in the needle. But still, she used a vein that's right on my wrist. VERY painful, even when it's placed on the first try. And she did get it on the first try.

Still and all, it's not something I look foward to. So, I try to treat myself with something after to make up for the experience.

So before I went to Duarte, I checked online to see if there were any yarn stores in the area. And, lo and behold, there's a yarn store just 3.3 miles (according to Mapquest) from COH! So afterward, I headed to "downtown" Monrovia to Unraveled (no website. 137 E. Colorado Blvd., Monrovia, CA).

It is a whole lot to lift the spirits. Just being around all that fibery goodness was bracing. The ladies in the store were busy setting up the store for their open house tomorrow and Saturday, so they weren't up for much chit chat. But then, I wasn't in the mood for chatting anyway. It gave me a chance to wander around and look at what they had. Lovely, lovely stuff.

I intended only to look for some olive colored yarn to work into a cap for DD's BF (which I found), but they had lots and lots and lots of Alpaca. I was lost. With a great deal of restraint, I only left with enough Frog Tree Alpaca in a lovely green. (Sorry, it's out in the car and I'm too tired to go get it to confirm the colorway.) But I want more.

Definitely a store I'll be frequenting.


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