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Saturday, December 31, 2005

Happy New Year
There are a little more than 2 more hours to this year, but who knows if I'll still be conscious when midnight rolls around. It used to be so easy to stay up (until 2, 3 4 a.m.). Now it takes almost super human effort together with an afternoon nap.

I've made it to 2006. I wondered if I would. I take perverse pleasure that I did make it this far. It's become almost o.k. to live in limbo. At least it means I'm living.

What am I looking forward to in 2006? Well, I want to make it to 2007, for starters. I want to go to New Zealand (in the planning stages for November). I want to learn to spin yarn. I want to see my family continue to do well in life. I want to become a great aunt (baby due in July). I want to continue to relish the simple things in life--sunrises and sunsets, the feel of a soft breeze on my skin, the feel of yarn slipping through my fingers as I knit up the "perfect" pattern. Finding the perfect knitting pattern. Living.


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