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Monday, December 26, 2005

Best Laid Plans
So I had this great post all planned out in my head, starting with a picture of the tree in our front yard with all these great fall-color leaves, and how we spent Christmas Day opening presents in our shorts because of the 80+ degree weather, and how this is why Californians are so weird. It was going to be followed by another picture of the scarf I am working on and a dialogue about how much I'm enjoying it.

What happened? The freaking camera cord has gone AWOL, that's what.

So, with your best imaginations, picture 3 lovely sugar maples (at least that's what I've always been told their called) standing tall with lots of green, yellow, red, and rust leaves under a bright blue sky. There are lots of these leaves on the ground, crunching satisfyingly when walked upon. One would think it's mid-September to look at these lovelies.

But the temperature is a balmy 80 degrees. One would think, from the temperature, that it's mid-April. The family is running around in short and short sleeved shirts.

But the calendar says its Christmas Day. For Pete's Sake!

No wonder Californians are a little "off." We don't know which cues to follow. I am a Californian born and bred. I have never seen a "White Christmas." In fact, most of my Christmases have been of the same as this year's. But just because I was borned here (as my kids used to say), doesn't mean I like it. Give me cold temperatures and grey skies.

That said, this has been an absolutely wonderful Christmas holiday. Christmas Eve was spent cleaning, wrapping gifts and finishing 1 last scarf for my nephew's wife who I thought was coming for Christmas day festivities. Turns out the nephew, his wife and her sister decided to stay in Arizona and not come to So. Cal. after all. So 2 gifts finished in the 11th hour for naught. But I'm not bitter, not me.

Except for that one downside, the rest of the weekend was wonderful. Everyone was pleased with their gifts, I was pleased with mine. The food--of which there was way too much--was all scrumptuous, and everyone had a good time.

After things had quieted down in the afternoon, I felt the itch to start something new, 'cause there was no way I'd pick up something I already had on my needles. I paged through several magazines, and books, until I came to the Fern Lace Wrap from the Little Box of Scarves. And I'm hooked. 4 repeats in Misty Alapaca worsted (color #7300), and I'm loving it.

Today was spent cooking a turkey the Hubster got from his job and I don't know what else. I know I was up doing things--cleaning, putting away, etc.--but the place doesn't look like much got accomplished.

That's o.k. Given the way the weekend went, I'm almost ready to go back to work tomorrow. Almost.


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