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Monday, November 28, 2005

Well, this isn't getting me anywhere.
This is the cap I finished while we were camping this weekend. The Hubster hadn't packed a hat, and the weather was cold, and turned windy at the end.

It was a fast knit, and I actually used it as a "practice" cap for the one I'm going to make for the DD's BF's. His will be different colors.

Since I started this post and then abandoned it, I have purchased the yarn for BF's cap. Black, olive green and winter white. Fair isle design figured out. But, it's not started. And why, may you ask?

Cause I'm working on yet another cap for the Hubster for Xmas. It was so windy and cold that he complained that the pictured cap wasn't heavy enough for him. So I've started another one on the sly with Plymouth's Encore Chunky yarn. We'll see what he thinks of that. Only problem with this bit of brilliance is that it has added yet another item to the to-do list for Xmas.

As if trying to get ready for the holidays isn't bad enough, the girl child is making noises that she wants to move back home as roommate is going into the Army at the end of the month. I can tell that this weekend is going to be my meltdown holiday weekend where there's too much to do and not enough time to do it. I'm not sure the Hubster's going to be much help as he's been fighting the cold that everyone else in the family has had.

The list? I can't even write down the list. It's too horrible to contemplate. Tune in for periodic weekend rants.


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