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Monday, November 21, 2005

Too Short Weekend
The boy child had his tournament this weekend. Since he had to work and missed half the games, the team didn't do so well. The boy child, however, was on fire, if I do say so myself. One of the goals he scored was shot from about 19-20 yards out from the goal line, just off the corner of the penalty area. He very nicely arced the shot up and over the wall, the keeper and into the upper corner, far post. Goooooaaaalll! It was purdy.

We got the chandelier up in the dining room. No picture as by the time all the crystals got loaded, it was too dark to get a decent picture of it, on or off. With the festivities Thursday, I should get plenty of turkey day pictures. That is, if I can remember to pull out the camera.

Not enough cleaning done, but hopefully the girl child is coming over to do the last of the cleaning tomorrow.

We're eating about 1'ish, and after clean up, it's out to Joshua Tree for the rest of the weekend. The niece is talking about coming (with a friend), so it may be a little busier weekend than originally planned. I had figured we'd take the dogs, and while the dogs kept the Hubster busy, I'd knit my little heart out. Now we'll have to see.

I got about 6-7 inches done on Jessy's scarf at the doctor's office today, which brings it to a little over 4 feet long. I intended to come home and knit some more, but I haven't done much of anything but read blogs all evening. Maybe tomorrow.

As for the doctor, we've decided to go with the Tamoxifen regime and give my bod a little time to recuperate from all the chemo. My CBC's are all in the excellent ranges, but just being off these past 2 weeks, I didn't realize now beat up the chemo was making me.

The drive home on the 210 wasn't all that much fun, although I did stop off in Rancho to pick up the new ice chest from REI. I love that store--almost as much as I love a yarn store. As we were coming out of the store, I asked the Hubster if the huge water spout we could see down the street was a new fountain (he works in the area and knows a lot more about the area than I do). The answer was a big NO. Turns out a car sheered a fire hydrant, cause the question was barely out of my mouth when the fire trucks passed by. It is amazing to me that a hydrant can shoot out a water spout 100 feet into the air.

Tomorrow is the trip to Costco. I am not looking forward to it, but its tomorrow or never, and that means a lot of nothing for Thursday, and a lot mroe nothing for the rest of the weekend.


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