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Friday, November 11, 2005

One of the few benefits of being a state employee is holidays. Today being Veterans' Day, there's no work. At least for me. I was thinking about working on some home improvement/cleanup projects for today, but I just wasn't feeling it, you know what I mean? On the spur of the moment, I called Mom and asked if she wanted to go to Oak Glen for lunch and to pick up some apples. She was a willing accomplice.

The weather was perfect, as far as I'm concerned. Cold, at least for So. Cal. standards. Cold enough to see your breath. Now, if I was a good blogger, I would have taken by camera with me because there were photo-ops galore. Fall color, cool architecture, fog, you name it. But no. I have no excuse.

We went to our favorite orchard Snow-Line and picked up some Arkansas Blacks and Jonagolds. Love them apples. Then we headed to the "village" to do some window shopping and lunch. Even considering the holiday, it was unbelievably packed. We couldn't park in the parking lot, so we headed across the street to a dirt strip to park. As I pulled the car in and shut off the engine, I noticed a sign that said: "Oedeker's Peddlers Pack" and advertising all kinds of gifties and Alpacas. . . . Wait a minute, ALPACAS!!! Could there possibly be some yarn in the vicinity?!?

One look at Mom, and we were pulling out and heading up the road to Oedekerk's. (Mom is such an enabler.) Up a very steep driveway, and we were at a very cute cottage and shop with several alpacas in the yard. Also, disguised as speed bumps were a 4 peacocks. A bit of manuvering into a parking space and into the shop we went.

We regularly go to Oak Glen, but I had never been to this place before. But it is definitely a place to which we will be returning. I'll get to the alpaca stuff in a minute. Lots of great photography, jewelry of all kinds, and other artwork. But the best (to me anyway) part was what I'll call the "alpaca corner." Scarves, hats, mittens, socks, wraps and hats all made of alpaca--although little of it made locally. But what was local was the yarn made from fiber from their alpacas and spun by a local lady.

What you see if the picture is about 310 yards of natural oatmeal-y colored 2-ply yarn. Love, love, love it! I've already wound it into a ball, and there are only about 4 very small knots/transitions that I'll have to cut out when it's knitted up. If it wasn't so close to Christmas, I would have also gotten some alpaca/silk blend in black that she had. Wonderful stuff.

I also saw this great pendant that Mom bought for my Christmas present. (I love being able to pick out my present!) I did it last year too when we were up in Oak Glen, although unintentionally. No pictures of that as Mom won't relinquish control of it until after Christmas, maybe. She thinks it's cool too.

She's also lusting after a felted wrap that was in a great cranberry red. Unfortunately, it came with a hefty price tag. I think I'm going to have to go to the fabric store and see if I can find some material to recreate it for one of her Xmas presents. Like I need another project to get done in time for Xmas.

All in all, a truly great day. And all cause I was practicing avoidance techniques. Maybe that isnt' so bad after all. Can't wait to go again.


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