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Monday, November 14, 2005

No Mom, I'm Not Messing With Your Slippers
I finished off the felted clogs, and had got up from the couch to attend to other business. I was gone for only 3-4 minutes. When I returned, this is what I found. L.B. decided to settle himself down ON TOP of the slippers for a nap. He wasn't quite settled when he was busted. Fortunately, no damage done.

Not to get too cocky, but this is another Xmas gift checked off the list. I finished felting them just a few minutes ago. Feeling how heavy they are, it will take quite a while to get dry--like days and days. Good thing we're heading into a Santa Ana condition. Having no humidity will certainly make things happen faster. I also felted Mom's purse. No good pictures of either the slippers or the purse at this point. Maybe after they're dry.

This post is taking considerably longer to finish than it should have because I had to spend several minutes looking for the freakin' camera. When I finally ran it to ground, I turned it on to download my intended pics. Imagine my surprise when I discovered the first picture to be my son making a hideous face. Now, a good blogger would probably go ahead and post said picture, regardless of the humiliation factor to one's child. But, having been a mother for low these many years, I have also discovered the value of being selective in causing the aforementioned humiliation. And lately, the boy child just hasn't done enough for me to take that step. But don't think I'm not keeping it in ready reserve. And he knows it too.

I'm in training all this week. On the one hand, it's kind of nice being away from the office, the office phone, the office people (just kidding). But on the other hand, I'm having to sit in a big room with lots of other people I don't know (and some I'm not really liking much), for an entire week. To help make the time more manageable, of couse, I've got plenty of knitting with me. Just hope it will be enough to keep me sane the entire week.


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