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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

My Parents So Get Me
I came home early and took a nap. Although I still have moments of extreme runniness, all in all it's much better.

Anyway, the folks stopped by unexpectedly. Turns out they hadn't given me all of my birthday presents. (Yes, I know it's a month post-bd.) On the actual day, they gave me the bookbookbook, and said more was coming, but I had completely forgotten.

Believe me, the wait was worth it. Starting from the top: a T-Shirt that says the obvious; a Red Cross Knit Kit box containing yarn, needles, and directions for historically correct socks from World War II; and a Willow Tree angel--the Angel of Miracles. I love the shirt--I live in t-shirts. I love love love history (not to mention knitting) so the sock kit is right up my alley. And, the angel is a great addition to my collection. I didn't intentionally start collecting angels, but shortly after I was diagnosed, people started giving me all these angels. Several of them are Willow Trees. They have found a home on top of the cornice in the living room. At this point, I'd love to fill the cornice so full with angels there's no room.

So what started out as a pertty sucky day turned out to be pretty good. WIP pictures tomorrow. Promise. No really. Really.


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