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Thursday, November 03, 2005

It's Be-A-Dork Day
And let me tell you, I've be a Super Dork. I'm just lucky I made it home today all in one piece. Started out by leaving the house late this morning cause I was too lazy to get out of bed and get moving, so of course I forgot my cell phone. Not normally high on the Richter scale of dorkdom, but I was waiting for a phone call from the doctor's office. Doh!

I proceeded to rush to the bus stop, whereupon I discovered I'd left my radio/headphones in the car and it was too late to go back for them. 40 minute bus ride with no music = no fun. And of course, this was the day that the entire bus had to listen to some guy have a fight with his girlfriend on HIS cell phone.

Make it to work without any further damage, only to stumble through the entire day as though it were my first day of work instead of being well into my 18th year on the job. Can we say do-overs? Cause I was having to do-over just about everything I touched. It was ugly.

Uneventful bus ride home, even if there was no music. I'm finally making progress on my second sock. The hope is to finish it by this weekend cause I've got to get serious about the Xmas gifts (but that's another post).

After I got home, the Hubster and I went to Chino to evaluate 2 referee candidates for upgrades. Lately, with these evaluations, I've been having a hard time finding anything positive I can say to a candidate. Last night was the first time in a long time I was able to enjoy a debrief.

Since it was a 45-minute drive each way, I got some more serious sock knitting done--even if it was in the dark. On the way home though, I just pooped out and didn't get any more done.

Looking forward to the weekend. I may actually get to put up all those pictures and stuff that have been off the wall for so long. Keeping the fingers cross that the dorkdom doesn't continue.


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