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Friday, November 18, 2005

FO Sighting

I'm counting these as an FO although I have a sneaking suspicion that once Dad tries these on I'll be re-doing them as they may well be 1/2 inch to 1 inch too large. For now, they'll go in the FO column, and if I suddenly find I have extra time before Xmas (I can dream, can't I), I'll make a second, slightly small pair.

I've been in training all week, and I'm beat. This was a "how-to-be-a-more-effective-supervisor" dealio, and I will admit I picked up a lot of good information, as well as confirmation that I've been doing a lot of the right things for the last 5 years despite no one telling me how to do it. The biggest drain was that the vast majority of the people were from a different agency than me (like a 20-to-1 ratio), and there were some 'tudes, if you know what I mean. If nothing else, going to this has given me a whole new appreciation for the people I work with everyday. It really was a watch-your-back kind of workshop.

That done, the craziness that is Thanksgiving is now upon us. The boy child has a soccer tournament this weekend, so very little will be done in the way of preparing the house for the turkey day invasion. Fingers crossed that I'll get some help from the chillens this week. (I really am becoming delusional, aren't I?)

Time to stop blogging and get cleaning. Siiiiggggghhhh.



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