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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Doh Picchures

Well, I was going to try and be cute and write like I’m talking—no n’s, v’s or t’s. But frankly, this cold is kicking my butt too hard to think that much. It started after I got to work yesterday, and I tried to muscle through it. Got home yesterday, pour some soup down me and was in bed sound asleep by 9. Dragged by butt out of bed this morning, dosed up on medication and in to work where I’m spreading my germs to one and all today. (Actually, I’m hiding out in my office since I’m trying to get it cleared enough to leave early.) Just a little longer and it’s home, sweet home and back in bed.

So no knitting, no cute aminal pictures, no nothing. Ain’t this blog just too exciting for words?


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