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Friday, October 21, 2005

What I Would Like to Accomplish this Weekend

Knit (Duh!)
Paint the living room
Sunday dinner with family friend
Watch all the football and soccer I want
Wash the dogs
Finish the laundry (or at least as much as it’s ever “finished”)
Sort through old clothes and bag them for charity
Decorate for Halloween
Go to Oak Glen and get more apples
Snap my fingers and make my house sparkling clean (O.k., so now I’m heading out into la-la land)

What I Will Most Likely Accomplish this Weekend
Referee (cause I don’t back out of an assignment)
Sunday dinner with family friend (cause I like dinner with Storma)
Some laundry
Harass the hubster to finish the walls so I can paint NEXT weekend
Knit (Duh!)

One of the biggest concessions I have had to make to living with cancer is accepting how much I have slowed down. In days of yore, the first list was entirely possible (o.k. except for the snapping my fingers thing). I would make up a list (I love lists, can ya tell?), and starting as soon as I got home from work Friday night, I was a whirling dervish, slashing item after item from the list. Sunday night would come and I’d be exhausted but (generally) satisfied because I had done so much.

No more. And I’m o.k. with that. Mostly.

We have been doing some major renovations (moving of walls, lighting, new fireplace, t.v. and electronics storage, painting) for a year now. It’s getting old. I can see the finish line, but it’s taking too long to get there. I really hope we (truthfully, the hubster) can get FINISHED so we (truthfully, I) can enjoy the holidays.

As for the cleaning the house with a snap of my fingers, technically, I’ll get that too, sort of. The girl child has agreed to clean the house every week to pay off a bill we covered for her. If I can look in a clean bathroom mirror, walk on floors without crunching, and see the top of the dining room table, I figure it’s money well spent.

I’ll update later in the weekend and we’ll see how far I actually get.


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