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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Well, I can't believe it's been almost a week since I last posted, but it seems that getting energy, time, desire and equipment all together at one time is more difficult than it would appear.
Nonetheless, it's been a loverly week.

When last I posted, I was leaving to the doctor's to hear what I expected to be so-so to totally crappy news. Just goes to show. The Doxil appears to be working, apparently overtime. My tumor marker dropped more than it ever has before! Woo-hoo. Great news to get on your birthday.

The happy times continued when my family took me out to dinner. We had a really good time (my niece is always good for a laugh or two), and I got the bookbookbook from my parents. When the food took a little while to get here, I entertained la familia with excerpts from the book.

We then went home and I had a little quality knitting time. (The Hubster did say I could do whatever I wanted on my birthday ;).) The Leaves/Waves shawl was coming along nicely (5 pattern repeats), but it got unceremoniously dumped when this arrived on my doorstep. I am soooooooo lovin' it.

When I was first reading through it I got a little intimidated because there are 200 some lines of instructions, not counting the edging. And there only some very small parts where there are anything close to what you would call a pattern repeat. But, I gotta say, I'm up to row 69, and while I wouldn't say it's been easy peasy, I'm not cursing much (except at my stupidity) either. The pattern and the charts (I'm not very good at charts) are incredibly easy to read, and I am still having a mad love affair with this shawl. If it turns out to be a 10th as good as what I'm hoping for I will be thrilled.

Saturday=soccer, so we went to the boy child's soccer game. He had stayed up too late the night before, so he wasn't on his "A" game, but he did alright nonetheless. The team won so they are still undefeated. That's always good. Then we got to watch USC and UCLA win in gridiron football, and, unfortunately, the U.S. men lose in soccer. Good thing the Angels were rained out or we really would have had dueling T.V.'s at our house.

Sunday, the Hubster and I drove to San Diego to stay at Humphreys Half Moon Inn and see Celtic Woman. If anyone ever needs a special place to stay in San Diego (Shelter Island), this is the place to go. It's a nice resort, with a great restaurant on the premises. The concert was pretty good too. The only downside I had was that, when I go to see live music, I go because I want to see something other than what I get on a CD; you know, improvisation, artist personality and the like. Celtic Woman is more like a Broadway show where the curtain goes up, you watch the play, the artists take their bows and you go home. Like I said, I just like something a little more.

We lazily got up Sunday morning and headed home, with a detour to Oak Glen for some apples and apple pie. Yummers. I extracted a promise from the Hubster to go at least once more during apple season.

We finished up watching the Angels win (Yah!!!!). This evening will be spent knitting more on Spirit and watching the Halos win again (I hope.)

No pictures because, well, refer back to the first paragraph.


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