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Monday, October 31, 2005

Oh My Aching Body!
I mentioned before that we're in the process of doing lots of home improvement projects. Well, this weekend the Hubster scored major, major, MAJOR Brownie points. He scarped the ceiling of its horrid, icky, dirty, popcorn texture. And then we spent the rest of the weekend painting, and painting some more. As long as I sit very, very still I don't hurt too much. Unfortunately, these people are work expect me to move around and actually get work done. Can you believe?!?

But looky, looky (at this one small corner--It's all that we managed to get fully cleaned up by last night)! Imagine, if you will, the brick on this fireplace going all the way up to the ceiling, with a few bricks sticking out at odd spots. As if that weren't ugly enough, the bricks had been painted not once, but twice, with the top coat a tired reddish brick color. I have always wanted a house with a fireplace AND a mantle. So the hubster knocked down the brick to its present height, added the mantle, drywalled, and added the sconces.

I might mention that the Hubster is originally from New Mexico, I have always loved all things Southwest, so it was only natural that the room have a definite Southwest flavor. The God's eye that you see next to the mantle provided the color scheme for the room. The paint is from Sherwin Williams, and the colors that you are are called Blood Orange (dark wall), and Sweet Apricot (light wall). The ceiling and the trim are in Ivory.

You can catch a peek in the upper right hand corner at the wood valences, and the drapes are dark blue moleskin to fit in with the rest of the colors from the God's eye.

There's still two walls and the hallway that need a second coat, then the remainder of the fixture plates need to put back. After that, the pictures back up on the walls (that have been laying around for a year), and the place is going to look pretty darn spunky.

While this has me in a state of near-euphoria, you won't believe what else he did. While I was working at getting the house at least semi-restored to order, he went to the grocey store. I asked him if he would check to see if the store had orange nail polish. Well, he went above and beyond! When the grocery didn't have any, he went next door to the drug store and picked me up some. What a guy!

At work here, we're all pigging out and a lot of people are dressed up. Since the weekend was spent painting (and yes, I thought about coming in my painting togs) I am not dressed up, per se. But I do have a silly headband on, which for some reason people think is quite silly, and my orange nail polish. Which, every time I look at it, I get a warm fuzzy feeling for my guy. Again!

Happy Halloween!


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