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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Coming up for air once again. I had chemo last Friday, so of course that was a totally lost day. Once I came home, I stayed on the Tylenol, so I wasn't quite as fevery, achy as last time. I still threw up once, but because I hadn't eaten much it was no big deal. It really pisses me off that I only throw up because it's in my head and not because of the drugs. I always thought I was mentally tougher than that. Guess not.
Slept almost 14 hours straight, but woke up about 9:00 a.m. Saturday, feeling like I'd been run over, but only by a panel, rather than a semi, truck. Things got progressively better through the weekend. I even felt so good Sunday I had to keep putting myself back down on the couch so I didn't overdo things.
What a great football/soccer weekend. We have a t.v. with picture-in-picture in the living room, and a second t.v. in the family room. By sitting on the correct corner of the couch, both t.v.'s can be viewed. I have to admit I totally junked out on football and soccer. Saturday I watched the USC and UCLA games which were both victories the "right" way. Saturday night we watched the L.A. Galaxy play like they were 12 year olds. Not one shot on goal in the entire first half! The second half wasn't much better. I don't hold off much hope for the playoffs--I'm pretty sure they'll be out early.
Sunday was all NFL, all day--except for watching the U.S. women play Australia. A 0-0 tie, but it was good to see some new faces. I've been worried for a while that they were relying on the old workhorses and not promoting the newbies enough. A little more experience (and time in training camp) and they should do better.
As for football, it was a pretty good day. Denver won (yeah!!) and Oakland lost (double yeah!!), and unfortunately, only one of the Florida teams could come out on top. Too bad Griese got hurt in their win.
Monday, Tuesday and today have been spent getting back up to speed. But, I have not been a total couch potato. No, no, no. I started the perfect no-brainer project just before I started chemo. A PoA Slytherin scarf for a co-worker who is dressing as a Slytherin House student for Halloween. All that circular stockinette that could be set aside at any time to allow for naps was perfect. CW has had a preview of the scarf and is totally psyched so, of course, so am I. I am literally on the last row, so FO pictures tomorrow. (I know, you've heard the picture thing before, but really, I mean it!)


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